Sara and Hunter

If your dog suffers with seperation anxiety or similar I would recommend Jodie all the way. She has been extremely knowledgeable, thorough and helpful over the 4+ weeks we've been in training. It's not an easy road but Jodie really breaks everything down for you and makes the training programme accessible and quite fun! The daily Whatsapp communications have been so valuable to us. We're continuing the training now confidently with the tools Jodie has given us and can see our dog becoming more independent before our eyes. Thanks Jodie!



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Lauren and Toast

Jodie has been helping with Toast's behaviour 'issues' including his seperation anxiety for almost a year now!

Throughout our journey Jodie has supported us every step of the way. When I first got Toast I couldn't even leave a room without him getting distressed and wanted to follow me. I couldn't even have a shower alone in peace!

Jodie set a simple to follow spreadsheet which meant we slowly built up leaving Toast at his pace. Making sure he never got distressed.

We finally got to a place where we could go out the front door but couldn't get passed 3 mins. This is when Jodie explained the use of anti anxiety medication and even though I was skeptical with the use of the medication, support of Jodie and our consistent training we have been able to get to over an hour of leaving Toast alone!

If you and your dog struggle with Seperation Anxiety and you want to regain some freedom. I highly recommend Jodie for how supportive she is and how she always finds the kindness ways to help our furry friends.


Pippa and Mabel

Jodie was brilliant with our viszla Mabel and us. We worked through the programme and Mabel is now a happy and well adjusted soul. Jodie was always on hand to answer any questions. I’d highly recommend her to anyone wanting help in this area


Georgia and Enzo

In July, we enrolled onto a 4 week separation anxiety package with Jodie. This was due to my miniature dachshund being really anxious about being left alone - he could not tolerate even 30 seconds.

Due to a plethora of contrasting advice on the internet, I decided to enlist specialist help. Jodie was welcoming and understanding from the beginning. She didn’t even bat an eyelid at my dachshund frequently interrupting our zoom calls to have a good bark! Jodie has given me the tools, and the confidence, to make life more enjoyable and relaxed for us all. Before, I felt like I didn’t know where to begin. Now, I know what I’m aiming for and how to get there. For the first time, I feel positive about my dachshund’s separation anxiety. We are nearly at 10 minutes in our training, which will be a huge milestone.


If your dog’s separation anxiety is making you anxious, or you just don’t know where to start or what advice to listen to,

please book in with Jodie. Everything feels so much more manageable and attainable now. Jodie has even gone above and beyond, by helping us with mat training, giving us advice about some food issues etc. We are going to continue our work with Jodie again once we hit 15 minutes in our training. It is not a quick fix, but I am genuinely excited to see the progress we have made in 6 months time or a year’s time. I think this training has been one of the best investments I have ever made, both for myself and for my dog.

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